Fake News: A Definition and Discussion


So I wasn’t intending for this to be a political blog when I created it. But alas, I think that’s what it’s going to become, at least for now.

Anyway, we all seem to be talking about fake news these days and in light of recent events I had some thoughts. If you haven’t heard, CNN broke a story about a two page summary brought to the president and president-elect of thirty-five pages of memos about unsubstantiated claims that Russia has compromised Donald Trump. These memos have apparently been circulating around Washington and various media outlets for awhile, but it was the fact that intelligence agencies finally felt compelled to inform Obama and Trump of them in an intelligence briefing that seems to have sparked CNN to break the story. Of course CNN didn’t go into any details as to the context of the memos, since their claims could not be substantiated. They just said that they exist and were brought to the attention of those at the highest level of government.

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